Plan Design Experts
Fully Insured and Self Funded. Ancillary. Voluntary.
Group. Core. Wellness. HSA. HRA. Flex.
Long Term. Temporary…Creative!
Employee Education Specialists
Annual, Face-to-Face Enrollments.
On-location (all Shifts). Spouses, too.
Spanish. Hmong…Personalized!
Paper-Reduction Enthusiasts
Payroll Feeds. Laptop Enrollment.
Proprietary Data Management System.
Pre-filled Apps. Billing Reconcilliation.
COBRA Administration.
Image Processing…Time Saving!
Cost Managers
Financial Reports. Analysis. Expert Commentary.
Data Mining. Disease Management. Drug Management.
Consumer Centric Health Risk Appraisals.
Zero Increase Target…Refreshing!
We’re Nuts about Service, too
We too, are healthcare consumers…
And in a Consumer Driven Healthcare World,
Service is a Lifestyle — not a Buzzword…
And that makes all the difference in the World!
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